Customer Queries

JEM Customer Support allows you to easily see and deal with customer queries. Customers can raise tickets via email, the Reseller Portal or the Customer Portal. Tickets can also be raised manually by admin users, for example after talking to a customer over the phone.

Tickets can be assigned to people to resolve and different SLA’s can also be applied to the ticket. The dashboards and reports make it clear what needs action and who needs to do it. Having all your information in one place means customer support becomes much quicker, with less waiting and more doing.

Support Workflow

A full workflow is available, with tickets categorised according to the stage of completion. When a ticket arrives it is automatically linked to the customer’s record in the CRM and starts its journey through a predefined workflow. As the ticket progresses through the workflow the status is automatically updated, with manual override also available. If additional work is required then a Job can also be created and linked to the ticket. JEM’s Customer Support lets you handle large volumes of inbound issues, keeping control over support times in order to meet the customer’s expectations.

Knowledge Base

The support system also contains a knowledge base, where you can add and search for content. This can be exported to a PDF or made available via one of the JEM portals, so customers can get the help they need fast. Searching the knowledge base is easy and just like using a search engine.

Summary of Customer Support Features

  1. Receive tickets from email, API or portal
  2. Automated workflow and assignment of tickets
  3. Real time tracking of all open tickets against defined SLAs
  4. Easy access to other relevant customer data
  5. Build a knowledge base to handle requests faster

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