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Today customers expect to be able to purchase via any channel, be that in person, over the phone or online, along with the ability to collect or have items delivered. Consolidating orders from multiple sources and channels, managing stock & pricing and accurately billing your customers is a complex problem. JEM provides you with control over all your business processes, allowing you to focus on your customers.


  • Legacy point of sales systems in need of replacement
  • Orders generated in multiple systems
  • 1000’s of products and stock lines to manage
  • Quotes difficult to configure and price
  • Lack of reporting visibility
  • Time consuming to record and process orders
  • Heavy reliance on spreadsheets


JEM is a complete business management platform enabling everything from Quotes & Order Processing to Billing & Inventory Management, all within a centralised CRM. Starting with JEM’s Quote Builder and Order Processing, Omni Channel Retailers use JEM in point of sale systems, call centres, head office and online to combine all their sales into one system. No matter the source or channel, JEM can also integrate with any 3rd party system or website to give you a centralised view of your customer demand.

JEM’s Order Satisfaction feature combines product supply and demand to give you a single view of which orders can be met today, tomorrow, next week and well into the future. Using a red, amber, green system, JEM highlights whether orders can be met and which are at risk, allowing you to reprioritise. Omni Channel Retailers now have the ability to promise their customers and deliver.

Have certainty over your stock levels with JEM’s advanced Inventory Management. Stock movements and transfers can be tracked using integrated barcode scanners and there are a range of tools for stock takes and audits. JEM can be used for your main warehouse and all your physical shop locations.

JEM allows for multiple price books and discount levels so you can have control over your pricing across all customers and channels. If commission is part of your commercial model then JEM can report any amounts you are owed and automatically reconcile this against reports from your suppliers.


Control your entire business from a single system, from pricing and discounts to commission and billing, JEM provides consolidated reporting across all channels.

Using JEM’s Inventory Management, with serial number tracking and stock audit tools, helps prevent stock going missing.

Reduce your admin overheads and reliance on spreadsheets. JEM’s advanced features and high volume capability mean that the number crunching is done for you. Also by highlighting any inconsistent or missing commission amounts, you can be sure you’re being paid correctly.

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Quote Builder
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