Reconcile Anything

JEM’s Reconciliation Engine can be set up to reconcile between any two sets of data. Usually this is between internally generated and externally provided data. JEM identifies any records that don’t match and highlights them in an interactive report so that the user can easily see which records have not been reconciled.

External Data

JEM can be configured to ingest any external data via a custom built importer. This aligns data fields in the external import to data fields contained within JEM. Alternatively JEM can be linked via API to 3rd party systems to automatically import the required data.


Commission is a prime example of where the Reconciliation Engine can provide real value to your business. JEM’s Commission Engine makes use of the Reconciliation Engine to reconcile commission earned based on internal reports to commission received based on external reports. JEM highlights any incorrect or missing amounts.

Summary of Reconciliation Engine Features

  1. Reconcile any 3rd party reports to data in JEM
  2. Highlight any missing or incorrect data

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