Value Added Distributor


Value Added Distributors are a key part of complex supply chains. Aiming to maximise your reach across vendors and resellers, whilst maintaining efficiency and margins can be challenging. JEM provides you with control over all your business processes, allowing you to scale fast and offer compelling value to your partners.


  • Unable to bill monthly subscription and usage based products and services
  • 1000’s of products and stock lines to manage
  • Quotes difficult to configure and price
  • Lack of self service access for resellers
  • Orders generated in multiple systems
  • Time consuming to record and process orders
  • Heavy reliance on spreadsheets


JEM is a complete business management platform enabling everything from Configure / Price / Quote & Billing to Provisioning & Inventory Management, all within a centralised CRM.

JEM’s Quote Builder provides Resellers with access to all your products and services, giving them up-to-date prices and the ability to produce bespoke quotes for their end consumers. JEM supports multiple pricing models, price books and discounts, allowing you to offer any combination of subscription based pricing or more traditional upfront CAPEX models. It shows both cost and sales price and allows Resellers to modify their gross margin.

Quote Builder can be configured to present your vendors products and services in the best possible way. Filter and search to easily find what you’re looking for. Display key information that is relevant to your industry. Create recommended bundles for multiple products and services.

The system can export quotes to PDF, with custom letterhead and layout, or Resellers can use our quote portal to give their end consumer an interactive quote. Online contract generation and e-sign allows Resellers to quickly complete deals anytime, anywhere.

Once orders have been placed JEM is able to integrate with your vendors to automatically provision their products and services. For in stock items JEM’s Inventory Management system takes care of the dispatch process.

JEM’s Rating and Billing Engines work together to allow Distributors to bill their Resellers for any combination of usage, consumption or subscription based products. All this can be consolidated into one monthly bill for each Reseller, which they can download from the platform.


Attract new Vendors and Resellers through the comprehensive benefits provided by the JEM platform. Vendors benefit from tailoring how their products are presented and automated provisioning, whilst Resellers benefit from advanced quote tools and consolidated billing.

JEM gives Vendors, Distributors and Resellers the opportunity to move together towards an ‘As A Service’ commercial model. As a result all parties can benefit from recurring revenue and higher long term margins.

Save time managing products & price books and placing orders on behalf of Resellers, so you can focus on growing your business instead.

Reduce your admin overheads and reliance on spreadsheets. JEM’s advanced features and high volume capability mean that the number crunching is done for you.

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Key Features

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Billing Engine
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Quote Builder
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Reseller Portal
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