The billing engine generates invoices for customers or resellers. JEM’s flexibility allows it to bill any products or services, whatever the commercial model. The key features of a billing engine are compliant invoices and a template you design.

Recurring Revenue and Subscriptions

The JEM billing engine is able to handle any variety of subscription and recurring revenue streams. There are two forms of revenue model: proactive and reactive.

The proactive model deals with orders that have a component that is paid for on a recurring invoice. JEM is able to work out which order lines need to be recurring and calculate the necessary pre-determined charges.

The reactive model allows data to be uploaded into the system to be billed later - this is perfect for things like software licenses, where you don’t know the exact usage until the end of a period (e.g. calendar month end) and links with consumption based billing below.

Consumption Based Billing

Consumption based billing is where the user is charged based upon usage of a product or service. This could be phone calls, data, postage or cloud services usage (e.g. compute or storage). Whatever metrics are being consumed, JEM utilises its Rating Engine to take rate cards and combine it with usage information to produce an event based cost and sales price. This is fully integrated with the Billing Engine to place the charges into the correct billing period, ensuring invoices are accurate.

Summary of billing features

  1. Customised invoice templates
  2. Integration with external accounting tools e.g. Sage / Xero / SAP / Business Central and more
  3. Consumption of fixed recurring lines
  4. Pro rata and end of life automatic calculations
  5. Detailed reporting and portal allowing summary invoices with line level data export for customers to use in onward billing or reconciliation

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