Combine Sales Into One System

Orders are created in JEM by converting quotes into orders. This can be done by your sales team, via a call centre, or by your resellers and customers self serving. JEM can also import sales orders from any 3rd party sources or channels. Popular integrations include Amazon, ebay, Shopify and WooCommerce.

Centralising all your orders in one place gives you complete visibility and control over your customer demand.

Workflow Actions

Once the order has been created JEM follows a predefined workflow for all stages of the order process. Workflows can be completely tailored to the needs of the business and can differ according to the products and services being supplied.

Dashboards can be configured to notify users of how many orders are at each stage. Within each order the workflow is clearly displayed, allowing users to complete actions and move the order on to the next stage. JEM can also provide lists of orders at each stage and users can select multiple orders to move to the next stage at once.


Where products or services need to be provisioned from 3rd parties, JEM can integrate with their APIs to automate this process. JEM has previously integrated with software providers, mobile network operators, telco suppliers and cloud services providers to allow their products and services to be immediately delivered.

Summary of Order Processing & Provisioning Features

  1. Integrate any sales source and combine all sales into one system
  2. Orders can be easily created using Quote Builder
  3. Configurable workflow
  4. Automated provisioning for fast delivery / consumption

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