Produce full feature quotes

Perfect quotes made fast

You have a lead and want to get accurate pricing and information to your customer ASAP - JEM Quote Builder lets you build complex quotes in minutes and publish them securely online or export to PDF. Easily modify your gross profit margin and use our integrated E-Sign solution to close out deals fast.


Managing Stock & Order Satisfaction

Promise your customer and deliver

Ensuring that you fulfil your customer’s orders on time is a critical requirement for many businesses. JEM is able to store not only current stock holdings but also know about future arrivals of stock. When combined with forecast customer demand JEM provides a single view into your ability to promise customers a delivery date and deal with issues as things change.


Integrate Any Sales Source

Combine sales into one system

Whether you are selling online, face to face or over the phone, JEM centralises your products, services and pricing and gives you a unified view of your opportunities and customers. With integrations for web sites, diallers and our self service account portals you can be sure to maintain control of your pricing whilst centralising your reporting needs.


Pricing and Rating

Price fast and accurately

You may have a complexity in managing pricing be it rate cards for customers or just simply being able to produce a quotation fast. JEM can handle multiple rate cards and pricing models, centralise this information and provide it to your users and customers.


Billing/Rating Subscriptions and Usage

Painless Billing

Billing usage based or subscription services and products can be time consuming and hard to reconcile. Our billing system can take usage data, rate it and bill it as well as managing as a service propositions or subscriptions. Recurring revenue is something we understand


Control Inventory

Belief in Your Stock Levels

Never be unsure about your stock levels again. JEM’s sophisticated inventory management tools provide complete visibility of stock availability to you and your customers.


Excel everywhere

Reduce Time Reporting

Perhaps your current way of working means usings spredsheets to manage your business, whether its leads, quotes, pricing, rate cards ordering or reporting. Spreadsheets are amazing but you cant scale them, they are hard to maintain and support. JEM significantly reduces time spent in spreadsheets and converts it to time working on the business



Support Your Customers

Don’t lose track of customer support issues. JEM helps you meet customer SLAs by assigning tickets to specific users and tracking their progress. Customers can raise support tickets by phone, email or through our self service user portals and these are captured in JEM’s unified CRM.


Talk to us about your requirements

The best way to determine if we can work together is to talk to us. Let’s setup a no obligation call where we learn more about each other