A self service, branded portal to allow end customers to engage with the products and services you sell them, get back up data around any billing and request support as needed

Self Service

JEM’s Customer Portal can be designed and configured to your requirements, giving customers access to the areas where you want them to be able to self serve. Customer access is managed via secure user credentials, which can be administered through the JEM platform.

Key Features

Through the Customer Portal access can be given to any of the key features within JEM. Support Tickets allows them to raise new support requests and see a full history and status of any previous requests. The Billing Engine gives them access to their invoices and payments.

Where the customer is receiving an ongoing service the Customer Portal can allow them to manage in-life service requests. For mobile airtime contracts this could include changes to call roaming, call barring, spend caps, upgrades etc. For cloud service contracts this could include user licence administration, usage caps, upgrades and usage reports.

Summary of Customer Portal Features

  • Self service saves time whilst operating 24/7
  • Access billing data and supporting reports
  • Request and track support
  • Engage with the JEM knowledge base
  • View and track orders with serial numbers

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