Getting paid commission correctly and/or paying out commission correctly can be a challenging process. JEM’s foundations are based in both retail and distribution customers that need to pay out accurately and on time to their partners, but also need to make sure they are receiving the correct amount for the orders they have processed

Get Paid What You’re Owed

JEM calculates the commission you are owed based on sales orders that have been processed through the platform. JEM then compares this against commission reports from 3rd parties and highlights any gaps or errors in the amounts you are owed.

If you operate a complex commission model, for example combined revenue share and upfront payments, then the system has been designed to allow a fast reconciliation of the expected value versus the reality. Many of our customers reconcile hundreds of thousands of commission lines per month and able to get queries in fast - protectingn their cash flow

Calculating Commission

You may operate a reseller/partner channel or you may have sales agents that are commission based. Whichever scenarion applies to your business, JEM is able to store, display complex commission information at the right time.

JEM can store multiple commission books, allowing you to update the commission you receive over time, whilst keeping a full history of previous commission rates. Commission rates can be individually allocated to any of the products stored within JEM. Commission books can also be organised into groups and assigned to different customers/partners, allowing you to create differential commissions across your customer base.

Some examples of the types of commission schemes we have supported

  • Revenue Share
  • Banded Levels (e.g. qty )
  • Upfront bonus and product combination bonuses
  • Tiered Schemes
  • Per customer/partner customised bonuses / revenue share

Commission For Resellers/Partners

For distributors JEM can calculate and report commission owed to your resellers. This can be calculated separately and compared to the commission due to the company. Resellers can see how much commission they will earn as quotes are made in Quote Builder.

Summary of Commission Engine Features

  1. Calculate commission on any orders placed
  2. Reconcile commission payments received
  3. Highlight any missing or incorrect amounts
  4. Calculate commission for resellers/partners or sales staff
  5. Handles complex revenue share models as well as upfront bonuses
  6. Generate Self Billing Invoices
  7. Provides all the backup data required to your partner/reseller

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