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Established in 2007, AT Management is a UK based contact centre specialising in revenue generation for blue chip customers including Sky, Talk Talk and Carphone Warehouse. From a small base AT Management has grown to 4 UK sites, employing more than 300 people.

The Challenge

  • Slow to record and report on sales made
  • Unable to reconcile commissions due
  • Manual processes and lack of automation
  • Lack of reporting visibility and agent engagement
  • Heavy reliance on Excel spreadsheets

The Solution

AT Management chose to use JEM to provide a complete contact centre management solution that provides 360 degree visibility and control over its sales operation. From shift planning & sales capture to QA & commission, JEM CX360 provides AT management with a unified platform to manage the performance of its agents and maximise revenue generation.

CX360 Overview
CX360 Overview

JEM CX360 is part of the JEM suite of products and works alongside the JEM Core platform. In addition to the core features of the JEM platform, JEM CX360 delivers the following key modules for contact centres:

Sales Module

  • Gain real-time visibility of revenue generated and leakage by agent / team / campaign
  • Increase agent engagement with dynamic dashboards
  • Capture key sales data to forecast revenue generated
  • Forecast and track agent attendance to manage campaign planning
  • Communicate with all contact centre staff using a restricted live messenger system

Commission Module

  • Incentivise agents with visible progress against commission payable targets
  • Automatically reconcile commission receivable to 3rd party reports
  • Calculate commission payable based on sales capture and leakage reports
  • Export commission payable to payroll

QA Module

  • Automate call select queues to manage QA workload and meet compliance standards
  • Easy to use QA scorecard builder with pre-defined quality criteria
  • Optional call recording visualisation and transcription
  • Feedback sent to agents for training and call quality improvement
  • Management, QA coach, team leader and agent dashboards report on activity in real time

The Results

Using JEM CX360 has enabled AT Management to eliminate missing commissions from its vendors and have a holistic view of the success of its revenue generation activities. Agents are more engaged through QA feedback on their call quality and transparent progress against their commission targets. AT Management have company wide reporting on sales campaigns and have been able to move away from manual processes and their reliance on Excel spreadsheets.

Customer Quote

“JEM has allowed AT Management to grow and evolve as a business and is now a core platform for everything that we do.”

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