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Manufacturers need to have the visibility and flexibility to meet their customers needs at all times. With a vast line up of products balancing your supply and demand to meet tight customer deadlines can be challenging. JEM provides you with control over all your business processes, allowing you to promise your customer and deliver.


  • 1000’s of products and stock lines to manage
  • Lack of visibility on future supply and demand
  • Poor reputation from missed delivery dates
  • Orders generated in multiple systems
  • Time consuming to record and process orders
  • Heavy reliance on spreadsheets


JEM is a complete business management platform enabling everything from Quotes & Order Processing to Billing & Inventory Management, all within a centralised CRM. Starting with JEM’s Quote Builder and Order Processing, Manufacturers can combine all their sales into one system. No matter the source or channel, JEM can integrate with any 3rd party system or website to give you a centralised view of your customer demand.

JEM’s Order Satisfaction feature combines product supply and demand to give you a single view of which orders can be met today, tomorrow, next week and well into the future. Using a red, amber, green system, JEM highlights whether orders can be met and which are at risk, allowing you to reprioritise. Manufacturers now have the ability to promise their customers and deliver.

Have certainty over your stock levels with JEM’s advanced Inventory Management. Stock movements and transfers can be tracked using integrated barcode scanners and there are a range of tools for stock takes and audits. JEM can raise purchase orders for suppliers and track estimated delivery dates using updates from confirmed consignments.

For those who already have a trusted stock management system, JEM can be integrated into your existing system to provide a best of breed solution. This gives you fast access to the value added features of JEM, whilst maintaining the status quo within your warehouse.


Instantly know if you are able to promise your customer a delivery date and avoid unwanted penalties, emergency air freight costs, lost future orders or poor reputation. JEM’s Quote Builder works with Order Satisfaction to instantly tell you if the required delivery date can be achieved.

Reduce your admin overheads and reliance on spreadsheets. JEM’s advanced features and high volume capability mean that the number crunching is done for you. Let JEM match your demand to supply, across 1000’s of products for all your customer orders, instantly.

Improve your forecast accuracy by letting JEM compare order fulfilment levels across multiple forecast versions. See how your latest forecast changes the outcomes for your customer orders.

By forecasting your levels of demand and supply, stock levels can be optimised. Tracking delivery dates from confirmed consignments also allows your warehouse to plan ahead.

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Key Features

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Order Satisfaction
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Quote Builder
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