Self Service

Distributors can give all their resellers access to the JEM platform, allowing them to self serve in key areas. Resellers can have multiple users set up so that roles can be matched to specific functionality within the platform. Access is available on any device, so resellers can gain access to key information and features anywhere, anytime.

Access to JEM can also be provided to Resellers via a dedicated portal which can be designed and configured to your requirements.

Key Features

Resellers can have full access to JEM’s Quote Builder, allowing them to configure, price and quote any of your products and services. This means they can generate perfect quotes whilst visiting their end consumers and complete deals using the inbuilt e-sign feature. Quotes can easily be turned into bespoke pdf’s using letterheads uploaded by the Reseller.

Resellers can also be given access to JEM’s CRM just for their consumers and to the Billing Engine for a complete record of their invoices and payments. Access to Support Tickets allows them to raise new support requests and see a full history and status of any previous requests.

Summary of Reseller Portal Features

  1. Distributors can let their resellers self serve
  2. Controlled access to key features in the JEM platform

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