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Established in 1992, Get Connected is the UK’s largest privately owned mobile phone retailer with a turnover approaching £20m, over 50 retail stores, a call centre and corporate sales team based at their head office.

The Challenge

  • Ageing Point of Sales System in need of replacement
  • Significant time to process orders
  • Lack of reporting visibility
  • Vulnerabilities of the Point of Sales system
  • Heavy reliance on Excel spreadsheets

The Solution

Get Connected chose to use the JEM platform to provide a fully-featured omni-channel retail system to be used as the primary tool for their shops, call centre and web sales. In addition to the core features of the JEM platform, the solution delivered the following key modules:

Deal Builder

An advanced quotation tool that allows sales people to build accurate quotes quickly. The deal builder provides instant gross profit reporting, captures all the data needed in a validated manner, whilst generating necessary sales order processing tasks such as a stock check and e-contracts.


The reconcile engine is able to identify and then manage huge amounts of both upfront and monthly commission data from suppliers. Spotting gaps in revenue share and data entry mistakes, JEM has identified significant amounts of unclaimed commissions.

Inventory Management

The warehouse was updated to use the JEM platform, allowing for tracking of IMEI and SIM Data. The warehouse was split into virtual locations to provide reservation of stock for customer orders, with no interaction from the warehouse required. JEM also integrates with Royal Mail’s ‘click n drop’ portal to generate labels and speed up the dispatch process.


From quotes & sales order processing to inventory management & billing, JEM now runs the entire business for Get Connected. There is no longer any reliance on Excel spreadsheets and JEM provides instant reporting on all aspects of the business. As well as managing centralised warehouse stock, JEM is also used to manage stock in Get Connected’s 50+ stores and staff use JEM’s stock audit functionality to quickly confirm shop stock levels.

Customer Quote

“JEM replaced our ageing point of sale system with a fully featured omni channel retail system. We use JEM as our primary tool for our shops, call centre and our web sales. JEM has recovered significant commissions due through its reconcile tools, whilst allowing us to grow without increasing admin staff.” Ben French - Get Connected General Manager

Key Features

Billing Engine
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Commission Engine
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Customer Portal
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Customer Support
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Inventory Management
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Order Processing & Provisioning
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Quote Builder
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Reconciliation Engine
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