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Established in 2012, Juice is a manufacturer, distributor and retailer of mobile accessories with an estimated turnover of £15m. Selling their highly successful own brand of products to large UK retailers, online via Amazon, ebay and their own online store as well as selling retailer own brand products.

The Challenge

  • Over 300 SKUs to manage
  • Time consuming to record and process orders
  • Despatch process was not efficient
  • Heavy reliance on spreadsheets
  • Low confidence in stock levels
  • Difficulty in managing supply and demand of products, resulting in missed delivery targets
  • Days to work out if a order or forecast could be met on time
  • SAGE did not offer the Order Satisfaction Forecasting features that were needed

The Solution

Juice selected JEM based on its wide ranging functionality, competitive pricing and flexibility. JEM’s complete business management platform provides Juice with Sales Order Processing, Inventory Management, Order Satisfaction Forecasting and Billing along with its unified CRM and Support Ticketing.

Sales Order Processing

Using JEM’s Quote Builder and Order Processing, Juice is able to combine orders from multiple sources into a single consolidated view. JEM is integrated with Amazon, Shopify and ebay to automatically pull in customer orders, whilst at the same time sales staff have the ability to quickly build customer quotes and check whether the required delivery date can be met.

Order Satisfaction

JEM’s Order Satisfaction feature combines product supply and demand to give Juice a single view of which orders can be met today, tomorrow, next week and well into the future. Using a red, amber, green system, JEM highlights whether orders can be met and which are at risk, allowing Juice to reprioritise. Juice now has the ability to promise their customers and deliver.


Juice have control over their pricing with multiple price books and discount rates, which results in accurate billing once orders have been dispatched. Whilst JEM has its own sales ledger it has also been integrated with the Sage accounting system used by Juice.

Inventory Management

The warehouse was updated to use the JEM platform, allowing for visibility and certainty over stock levels and locations. Handheld scanners were introduced to allow for barcode scanning of stock items and the warehouse was split into virtual locations to provide reservation of stock for customer orders, with no interaction from the warehouse required.

The Results

Using JEM has provided Juice with complete confidence in its stock levels and by using Order Satisfaction Forecasting it can promise to fulfil its most demanding customers future orders. JEM’s automated workflow has driven efficiencies across Juice’s sales order, dispatch and stock management processes, resulting in significant cost savings. Juice has also been able to move away from its reliance on spreadsheets and manual administrative tasks.

Customer Quote

“As our company grows year on year we found ourselves needing an advantage to take control of our growing amounts of data. JEM has revolutionised our supply chain and we can instantly see the stock values on any day in the future. We miss less orders, provide accurate delivery dates, whilst reducing administrative time.” Steph Cotterill - Juice General Manager

Key Features

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