Web Based Cloud Platform

JEM has a wide range of features which can be optionally enabled depending on the customer’s requirements.
Below are the key features which you can click to learn more about.

Billing Engine

The billing engine generates invoices for customers or resellers. JEM’s flexibility allows it to …
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Commission Engine

Getting paid commission correctly and/or paying out commission correctly can be a challenging …
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Contact Centre Management

CX360 is JEM’s complete contact centre management solution that provides 360 degree visibility and …
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A CRM lets you store data concerning your prospective, active and closed customers. A central area …
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Customer Portal

A self service, branded portal to allow end customers to engage with the products and services you …
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Customer Support

Customer Queries JEM Customer Support allows you to easily see and deal with customer queries. …
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Inventory Management

Stock management through a fast and easy to use interface. Store millions of SKUs and manage the …
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Order Processing & Provisioning

Combine Sales Into One System Orders are created in JEM by converting quotes into orders. This can …
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Order Satisfaction

Promise Your Customer And Deliver Order Satisfaction combines product supply and demand to give you …
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Quote Builder

You have a lead and want to make a quote fast - it must be accurate and provide the best chance of …
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Rating Engine

A Rating Engine lets you take rate cards and combine it with usage information to produce an event …
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Reconciliation Engine

Reconcile Anything JEM’s Reconciliation Engine can be set up to reconcile between any two sets of …
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Reseller Portal

Self Service Distributors can give all their resellers access to the JEM platform, allowing them to …
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