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Stratford Consulting Ltd

Stratford Consulting Ltd (“SCL”) is a fast growing, profitable SaaS business focusing on its proprietary JEM cloud platform. Run by its founder James McArthur, SCL has a passion for technology and a proven track record of delivering solutions on time and to budget, to customers of all sizes. SCL has worked closely with IT & mobile distributors, resellers, retailers and MVNOs, helping to optimise their sales order processes, billing, commissioning, reconciling and inventory management.

JEM Cloud Platform

JEM is a complete business management platform enabling everything from Configure / Price / Quote & Billing to Provisioning & Inventory Management, all within a centralised CRM. The versatile nature of the system sees it configured for many different industries from startups to multinational corporations. JEM delivers the features of larger, less flexible ERP systems, in a simple to use and affordable package, providing a clear return on investment.


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