Import vendor billing and commission files to make sure you have been paid and are paying correctly. Enhance reporting and get analysis of outstanding debts

The reconciliation module takes network, vendor, distributor files and imports them in order to reconcile inbound commission with expected commission amounts. The reconciliation engine uses MSISDN, ICCID, IMEI and account number fields to try and get a perfect match. The engine learns over time what numbers are associated with different orders – e.g. where a customer has changed mobile number.

The reconciliation is done at the order level which allows a summary of the commission expected per order vs the commission due.  If the two do not match then the order can be interrogated at the line level.

Items can be placed into query which allows the addition of notes. Queried items can be exported.

Using a forward and backward pass it is possible to 100% guarantee that all possible connection information has been checked against network payment files.

Revenue share information is imported and can be reported on to:

                       Calculate true lifetime GP

                       Spot connections where no revenue share has been paid

                       Identify clawback scenarios.

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