Pricing and Commissioning

Specify both inbound and outbound pricing and commissions. Various pricing and commissions models are supported from discounting to markup or set prices.


Pricing is handled via price books which are placed into groups. Each price book has an expiry date which allows modification of pricing based on date. Each price book is placed in a group and each account, reseller, or customer can be assigned to a group.

Price books contain both buy and sell prices. The buy prices are used for reconciliation and GP reporting. The sell prices are used for quote/order building and third party GP reporting.

Multiple currencies can be applied and converted using exchange rates


The commission books are similar to the price books. Each product entry has a corresponding commission entry where the buy and sell prices can be input. For mobile airtime and in particular on EE/Orange there is an extra field to handle advance revenue share so that it may be excluded for Corporate B2B tariffs.

The commission system allows accurate instant quoting but also set the expectation for the later reconciliation with the network.

Third parties can be assigned to different commission book groups in the same way they can have different price book groups.

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