Mobile Airtime Distributor

The Customer

An established mobile airtime distributor using an in-house system along with Sage accounts. With a turnover of roughly £20 million and around 40 staff members prior to the JEM project being implemented.

The challenges faced were:

  • Market changes - need to innovate and react quickly to supplier lead changes
  • Inability to totally reconcile commissions due
  • Significant time to process orders
  • Lack of reporting visibility 
  • Vulnerabilities of the in-house system
  • Lots of excel spreadsheets

The Solution

To provide a complete self-service portal, replace the warehousing system and remove the burden from Sage in handling data that customers require access to. JEM provided a minimum return on investment of  363% through process optimisation, automation, self-service and reconciled commission. This does not take into account the extra sales gained and reduced churn rates. 

Deal Builder

An advanced quotation tool that allows the customer or it's reseller to build accurate quotes quickly. The deal builder provides instant GP reporting as the quote is built and provides a fast way of storing and exporting feature rich quotes for customers. The deal builder is able to capture all the data needed in a validated manner whilst generating necessary sales order processing tasks such as a stock check, template export, and e-contracts. 

Commission Engine

The commission engine needed to account for complex commission models reflecting the nature of the product and how it is supplied. The models included both upfront and ongoing revenue information. Commission statements can be made at the touch of a button including generation of self-billing invoices and customer accessible reporting. 


The reconcile engine is able to identify and then recover huge amounts of both upfront and monthly commissions from the supplier. Spotting gaps in revenue share and data entry mistakes, JEM has found several hundreds of thousands of pounds in unclaimed commission.

Stock/Inventory Management

The warehouse was updated to use the JEM system allowing for tracking of IMEI and SIM Data. The warehouse was split into virtual locations to provide reservation of stock by the customer with no interaction from the warehouse required. The system integrated with Royal Mail click n drop portal to generate labels and speed up the despatch process. The warehouse shifts around 4,000 parcels a month, which is roughly £2 million worth of stock.

Dealer Portal

A full-featured self-service portal to allow customers to quote and purchase all services. Reporting, invoices, and commission statements are available to download but the customer can also use the inbuilt CRM to manage its own data.

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